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Petey's blasting 'militant homo activists'

How can we go a week without something foolish coming out of Peter LaBarbera’s mouth?

The Illinois Family Institute head is hopping mad about the treatment of one of his local black homobigots, Bishop Larry D. Trotter, of the ironically named Sweet Holy Spirit Church, by “militant homosexual activists.” Here’s part of LaBarbera’s sack-sack, hilarious letter to supporters of one of Peter’s many shadow efforts, Protect Marriage Illinois.

The Gay Liberation Network and allied groups stood outside Trotter’s Sweet Holy Spirit Church on Chicago’s South Side, yelling, “BORN AGAIN BIGOTS, GO AWAY!” and other slogans designed to demonize people of faith who, like Trotter, stand up for traditional marriage. (Trotter, who is the Presiding Prelate of the United Pentecostal Church of Christ, organized a petition drive for the Protect Marriage Illinois Referendum, yielding thousands of signatures for PMI.)

…Andy Thayer and fellow radicals at Gay Liberation Network, who once protested Moody Bible Church and Catholic Cardinal Francis George’s home as “Houses of Hate,” could not be more wrong. Defending Biblical sexual morality is not prejudice, and protecting marriage as one-man, one-woman is not “hate.”

The homosexual activists’ name-calling is another sign that they have no compelling arguments as to why America should discard thousands of years of human history by radically redefining marriage to accommodate men who have sex with men, and women who have sex with woman. Creating counterfeit “marriage” is not a civil right, but it is a moral wrong.

…Please pray that Illinois Family Institute and the PMI coalition will, with God’s help, defeat the leftist coalition (including Gay Liberation Network) that is mobilizing to keep you and other Illinois citizens from voting “YES” for marriage in November.

,,,Thank you and may God bless you.


Peter LaBarbera
Illinois Family Institute

I left out the crass pitch for dollars toward the end of the letter, btw. Petey gets bonus points for shilling for Stephen Bennett Ministries with this line at the end of the post:

If you consider yourself “gay” but want out of the lifestyle, click THIS LINK; change IS possible.

* Signatures Questioned In Illinois Anti-Gay Amendment (

Hat tip, Dan L.

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