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Blanco will sign abortion ban

The same the lame-ass Dems who can’t back gay rights, don’t mind letting reproductive freedom go out the window as well. Take a look at the latest faux Dem, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, who says she’ll sign into law a horrible abortion measure.

[Blanco] says she believes an exception for rape and incest victims to get an abortion, a proposal rejected by both the House and Senate, would have “been reasonable,” but she said she wouldn’t reject the bill for that reason.

She might as well switch parties now. Why point fingers at the virulent anti-choice forces in the GOP when there are plenty of Dems who are ready to advance womb control with just as much vigor, or, as in Blanco’s case, a casual aside.

Hat tip, Feministing.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding