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Alabama update and open thread

Just an update on the Alabama primary…

“I’m all man, so I ain’t got nothing to do with that.I go by what the Bible says — man and woman.”

— Montgomery resident Joseph Rembert Jr. who said he didn’t go to the polls because of the state marriage amendment, but was glad it was on the ballot

“I just prefer the state not do that. It’s an individual choice.”

— Gwen Carmack of Mobile, explaining that it’s not the government’s business to can or can’t marry

Sadly, the amendment breezed through with 80% of the vote, but one fundie wanted to rub salt in the wounds of gay Alabamians.

Christian Coalition of Alabama President John Giles, though, wanted an even bigger victory. “We know we lost a lot of votes over confusion,” said Giles, noting that some voters voted “no,” thinking it meant they were against gay marriage when in fact a “no” vote meant they were against a ban.

Tuesday’s defeat was a blow to the gay rights group Equality Alabama. “The reality is that we all lose tonight,” said Howard Bayless, the group’s spokesman. “All of Alabama loses, and it sends a message to the rest of the world that we’re still not ready for diversity.”

In brighter news, Roy Moore went down in flames of hellfire. In the race for governor, the Ten Commandments candidate found out that Jeebus hung up on him. (NYT):

In their battle to be the Republican candidate for governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, the current governor, defeated Roy S. Moore, the former Alabama chief justice who drew national attention when he refused a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building’s rotunda and was removed from the bench.

On the Democratic side, Lucy Baxley, Alabama’s lieutenant governor, defeated six candidates, including Donald Siegelman, a former governor who was, even on Election Day, standing trial on racketeering and bribery charges.

Ms. Baxley, the ex-wife of Bill Baxley, a former lieutenant governor and state attorney general, had gained momentum in the polls since April, when Mr. Siegelman’s trial opened; he is accused of taking campaign donations and gifts and offering political favors in return.

With nearly 70 percent of the precincts reporting, Mr. Riley had 64 percent of the votes to 36 percent for Mr. Moore. Ms. Baxley had 60 percent to Mr. Siegelman’s 36 percent.

Feel free to report on any interesting news along with blogwhoring and links.


MORE POSITIVE NEWS: Openly gay candidates who won their primaries, with Red State representation up front (G&L; Victory Fund):

— In Alabama Tuesday, Patricia Todd fended off a last minute smear campaign in order to make it to a July 13 runoff for a state legislature seat in a Birmingham district.

Matt McCoy won his primary in Iowa last night to defend his legislative seat in November even after repeated attacks from a “family values” opponent. This is McCoy’s first race as an openly gay candidate.

Kathy Webb won her Democratic primary May 23 for a seat in the Arkansas state legislature. She is poised to become the first openly LGBT legislator in the state’s history.


And I think oddjob mentioned this in the comments of another thread, so I’ll put a link here on this entirely unsubstantiated bit of business floating about — is Laura sleeping elsewhere? Who knows, but The Dark Wraith speculates…

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