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Despite the best efforts of the mysterious Mirage hotel servers and the not-so-mysterious failings of Blogger, I am finally able to post from Las Vegas which has welcomed us with a thunderstorm and tropical downpour today that caused management to clear the pool area because they were afraid of lightning strikes; one of those occurrences that happens in Vegas but stays in Vegas, I presume.

There really is no place on Earth quite like Vegas from the billboard that shouts “Shoot a live machine gun” while you wait in baggage claim to the grim-faced zombie clientele shuffling by on The Strip in ninety-degree heat at 11pm after watching animatronic warriors rise up from the Roman fountain in front of The Cheesecake Factory and wave flaming swords while making empty boasts (“As God is my witness, I will not leave this buffet until every prime rib is consumed… Ooooo. Frozen yogurt!”) only to retreat until the next showing, every hour on the hour, before the cow-eyed yokels in their JC Penny summer wear.

Yeah. I love Las Vegas. And people. I’m a people person.

But back to blogging where we learn from Tony Blankley, editorial page editor of the Moonie Times, that the mythical lip-licking of the Vast MSM-Wing Conspiracy reporting on a crime is worse than the crime itself:

The “Drive By Media” (Rush Limbaugh’s scientifically accurate description) has already started to report this story in a manner that is likely do vast damage that may last for several years to the morale (and possibly recruitment) of our military. It will create a propaganda catastrophe of strategic proportions in our mortal struggle with radical Islam and their terrorist spear point.

And all this is being done by journalists who are seemingly oblivious to the consequences of their acts.

President Bush noted the extraordinary damage that reported events at Abu Ghraib caused and continue to cause. One can only imagine what the radical Islamist propagandists and recruiters will do with the Haditha incident — especially since they will merely have to accurately quote from major United States and European newspapers and television news broadcasts. Is this any way to fight a war?

The rest of the Moonies Times begs to differ:

But Briones, the best friend of the Marine who was blown apart by a roadside bomb, told the newspaper he took pictures of the victims and helped carry their bodies out of their homes as part of a cleanup crew.

What continues to torment him, he told the Times, is the memory of the body of his best friend as well as the lifeless form of a small Iraqi girl. The girl was among the civilians allegedly killed by members of his Camp Pendleton unit, the report said.

“They ranged from little babies to adult males and females. I’ll never be able to get that out of my head. I can still smell the blood,” Briones told The Times.

And here:

John Sifton, of Human Rights Watch, called the alleged event “a massacre” and told the Times “the Haditha incident is likely the most serious war crime that has been reported in Iraq since the beginning of the war.”

(The mentioned Times would be the notoriously anti-American NY Times. The Moonies are just sayin’)

Moving on…. nothing like being in Las Vegas and hearing that the sanctity of marriage is being defended, if not well:

[Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.)] held a news conference Monday at which the speakers said they wanted to reduce the “epidemic level of fatherlessness in America.”

“How would outlawing gay marriage encourage heterosexual fathers to stick around?” was the first question. Allard skirted the question by saying that “laws send a message to our children.”

The moderator, Matt Daniels of the Alliance for Marriage, tried to find a question on another subject. But when reporters continued to press Allard on the link between same-sex marriage and deadbeat dads, Daniels blurted out: “All right, you know what? We’re going to call this press conference to a close.”

And with that, he picked took his diminished masculinity in hand and flounced out of the room.

Speaking of which, on the K-Lo Why Don’t You Meet A Nice Boy and Settle Down front, the failure to disallow the possibility of gay marriage, thus increasing the pool of available menfolk, has led Las Vegas oddsmakers to suspend all K-Lo Marriage Pool bets because they have run out of zeros.

Michelle Malkin links approvingly (and tellingly without comment) to a defense of Ann Coulter which means that Malkin is objectively pro-innocent people plummeting to their death if not burning alive leaving behind children and grieving widows. Actually I’m surprised that Malkin hasn’t started looking into the immigration backgrounds of all of the families who lost members at the Twin Towers. I’m sure she could find the family of a dishwasher who worked at the Windows on the World restaurant to expose, harass and deport.

And finally, we’ll just file this under “harvesting the low-hanging fruit

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