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This and that – open thread

The mailbag is full again, so I’m spending my lunch time putting up some of the interesting links for you to nosh on…

* Communion denied to Rainbow Sash parishioners. The Rainbow Sash Movement are gay Catholics’ attempt to counter Ratzi’s anti-gay church by showing up for communion with sash to identify themselves as gay or allies. The heat on this has been rising and here’s one resulting clash when 50 sash-wearers showed up at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in St. Paul, MN. (h/t Holly):

In an act that some witnesses called a “sacrilege” and others called a sign of “solidarity,” a man who was not wearing a sash received a Communion wafer from a priest, broke it into pieces and handed it to some of the sash wearers, who consumed it on the spot.

Ushers threatened to call the police, and a church employee burst into tears when the unidentified man re-distributed the consecrated wafer.

* Jeremy at Good As You posts on Ann Coulter’s appearance on Today. She lost her cookies at Matt Lauer for her horrid portrayal of 9/11 widows in her new tome:

These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.

Media Matters also covers this.

* There’s nothing like The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers, which you will find over at The Pensito Review. His list is now up to 11 and lots of runners up. I’m sure you can come up with a hundred or so more. Poppy is at #1.

* ‘Bean passed along some interesting links to Holy Joe blowing his stack over challenger Ned Lamont. The pressure is getting to Joe, who says he is “as angry and frustrated” as the voters about Iraq. Whatever. (Huff Post):

Reuters is reporting that the war’s “first big political casualty” may come in August, when Connecticut Democrats have the option to reject pro-war Senator Joe Lieberman. The alternative is Ned Lamont, a successful, low-key businessman who spent the spring puncturing the shell of Lieberman’s seemingly high approval ratings, exposing simmering discontent with the three-term Senator. Political insiders started taking Lamont seriously when he beat expectations at the state convention last month, and many reporters are covering the race as a Democratic referendum on Iraq.

…What exactly is Lieberman so angry about? He looks content discussing his hawkish views on TV. He is comfortable cutting deals with the Bush Administration. No one can read his mind, but he appears to enjoy the extra attention he receives as Bush’s favorite Democrat – from that memorable kiss to the administration’s more somber plaudits for his leadership. He relishes presiding over bipartisan theatrics in Congress, including the filibuster compromise that may soon fall apart. He displayed enthusiastic body language when he was the first member of Congress to stand and applaud one of Bush’s statements during the State of the Union – an image that has been circulating on the Internet ever since.

* Tedi reminds me that we should all go have some fun at The Church Sign Generator.

* Mike Tidmus emailed me a link to a HuffPost column with a great head: Hurry, Mr President! Stop me Before I Burn the Flag in my Assless Chaps. Sounds like Peter LaBarbera might give him a call…

* Paula of Whtz on my mind is also a member of Jesus Metropolitan Community Church in Indiana, which I blogged about last week. The church is spending $55K on a tolerance campaign, placing yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and door hangers, with the statement on it: Would Jesus Discriminate? An update on the feedback and exposure:

Your incredible volunteer efforts created an enormous buzz, so much so that the Indianapolis Star ran a news story (copies available in the Social Hall). The Associated Press also distributed a story that ran in various newspapers across Indiana including Ft. Wayne and Lafayette. A variety of national gay media, such as, various blogs, and gay newspapers in New York, Washington DC, Houston, and Atlanta have also picked up the story. The Star will soon begin running “letters to the editor” that will generate significant additional attention

* How about this tongue-in-cheek column at The Web Pen Blog: Gay Marriage Is Good For The Economy

* View Dear Leader’s fetish for rubbing the heads of bald men. (h/t Julius)

* Oprah confirms that she isn’t gay (Queer Beacon). Were the rumors that rampant?

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