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sHillary can't do it

She simply won’t take a public stand on same-sex marriage — as predicted of course. Some reporter needs to corner her on this one, but don’t hold your breath.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton, widely thought to be preparing for a 2008 White House run, lashed out Republicans for pushing a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

…At a fundraising event Tuesday Sen. Clinton said the move is the work of the “political machine of the White House and the Republican majority.”

She said that New Yorkers have more pressing concerns. “[They] worry about everything from terrorism to gas prices to the cost of health care to energy independence.”

But in her speech she stayed clear of discussing her position on gay marriage.

Bashing the Republicans on the MPA is easy, sHill. How about getting a spine and justifying your definition of marriage and leave-it-to-the-states position? How about all those gay voters you’re asking to donate money to your coffers. Do their rights matter enough to explain your position, or do you just like to have the gay wallets available for pickpocketing?

Oh never mind, I’m sure she’s scheduling an appearance on The 700 Club shortly.

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