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Don Wildmon's got the Christmas spirit in June

There’s nothing like a good old American Family Association ActionAlert, this one on how fundies need to get their holy posteriors in gear to save the Christ in Christmas for 2006.

June is not the time when we think of Christmas. But June is the time when retailers begin making their plans for Christmas promotions — store banners, newspaper ads, TV commercials, etc.

Remember last Christmas when many national retailers banned the use of Merry Christmas and allowed only the use of Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays or even winter holidays? Remember how some stores did not allow their employees to say “Merry Christmas” to their customers? Remember how Christmas trees were called Holiday trees?

There are companies which don’t want to offend a small handful of their customers by mentioning Christmas because Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. However, they don’t mind offending Christians by refusing to use the term Christmas.

We could be headed for another year when similar incidents occur, unless we let companies know right now that we will not accept the banning of Christmas in their promotions.

Now is the time to let the retailers know that if they ban the use of the term Christmas, you will not be shopping with them during the Christmas season!

It’s nice that he’s focused on this instead of say, planning ahead to feed the poor during the holiday season.

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