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STOP THE WAR – Pressure Congress


 (guest blog by Taylor Marsh)

The Republicans are trying to change the subject. We can’t let that happen. They want to talk about banning gay marriage when the real issue is Iraq.

I’m always grateful when Jane invites me to guest blog here. Nevermore so than this week, when things are starting to shift.

The next 10 days may not change the world, but we certainly could begin to change the course of this country. It begins with YearlyKos later this week, which will be followed by Take Back America in Washington D.C. next week. I’ll be covering both events, which have the potential to stir up a progressive wave of energy that could finally shake the lethargy from the "leadership" in Washington. But to make anything concrete happen we have to band together, sound off and push back against the president and his people.

The right-wing will be calling Congress, screaming and hollering about banning gay marriage. Progressives need to push back and demand an end to the Iraq war, because that’s the number one issue on everyone’s mind, not some phantom threat of gay marriage. But let’s face it, Congress doesn’t have the political will to do it by themselves. If they’re not pressured we’ll never get out of Iraq. After all, our troops completed their mission a long time ago. So why are we still there?

John Kerry introduced a joint resolution to bring the troops home from Iraq, which is backed by Russ Feingold, Gary Hart and Max Cleland, as well as others. He deserves a lot of credit for this, but he isn’t even getting enough support to get his legislation passed (though even Evan Bayh now wants out (h/t Kos). It’s time to ask why not? 

The Iraqis have voted, Prime Minister al-Maliki was chosen, and the Iraqi parliament has been selected. However, the Iraqi elite, comfortable in their Green Zone of safety, while the Iraqi people suffer for their leaders’ selfishness, still have not chosen interior or defense ministers, with the decision now on indefinite hold. The governing elite in Iraq feel no urgency, believing they have time to spare. We need to let them know they don’t.

Politicians will say Iraq is now part of the "war on terror," but the generals disagree. The generals are right.

It’s time to redeploy. Stop the war. Get out of Iraq.

Right-wingers are hoping to change the subject by thumping the drum to ban gay marriage. We need to push back on Iraq. Make the call and make the next 10 days the moment when progressives began to change the course of this country. Nothing you do this week is more important.


It’s time to get out of Iraq.

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Taylor Marsh

Taylor Marsh

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