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Red state hope

I’m sure most of you who are living in the comfort of Blue states, wonder why on earth do queer folks continue to live in states where it is a constant battle against wingers, bible beaters and legislatures — places where the elected officials are either hostile or indifferent to your rights. Here is a must-read op-ed in the Anniston Star that may help you understand. It’s a good read:

Hope not lost for gay Alabamians: Struggle for equality will continue after Tuesday

Folks like Howard Bayless of Equality Alabama are working hard a day at a time for LGBT rights in the heart of Dixie and, even in the shadow of a vote on a state amendment (it’s sure to pass), he remains positive about the changes that are occurring. A snippet:

We have a long way to go to show all Alabamians how simple and normal our lives are; to explain that laws to ban marriage are not about preserving relationships, but about tearing them apart; to prove that pitting neighbors against neighbors is neither good for our government nor good for our communities; to ensure that if I arrive at the hospital in 40 years to visit Dale when he is seriously ill, an unknowing nurse does not stop me from entering his room and say, “Sorry, sir, the government says you are not a family.”

But on the eve of a vote to further block protections for some Alabamians, I am tremendously hopeful. I am hopeful knowing that thousands of people from Anniston to Atmore, from Decatur to Dothan — communities where some folks think not a single gay person exists in town — will vote against this misleading and mendacious amendment.

I am hopeful because every time the media misrepresent our community, there is an increasing number of stories that portray the gay community and its lives with the same humanity as journalists would depict anyone else’s. I am hopeful because for every hateful, misguided, naïve word uttered about gay people by anti-gay extremists, there are more and more fair-minded Alabamians coming to understand the desire of the gay community to love and to live that love in freedom.

This is why it angers me to hear politicians, particularly spineless Dems like Joe Biden tonight on one of the talking head shows, cling to the fig leaf of “leave it to the states” and the fact that the DOMA is the law of the land.

I have yet to see a reporter this evening challenge this lame position with a discussion about all the states that have decided to discriminate against taxpaying gays and lesbians by placing them on the ballot, and how those lives will be affected by “leave it to the states,” while the spine-free politicians foolishly attempt to massage their message to capture a slice of The Base.

By the way, has sHillary shown her sorry ass on the TV to comment on the festivities in the Senate? I can’t wait for her to bob and weave.

Letting the people decide the civil rights of others is now the appropriate position for elected officials of either party to take? What about Loving v. Virginia — are they saying interracial marriage should have been determined by popular vote? If not, what’s the difference? The bible verses and same arguments were tossed around back then.

Hat tip, Kathy @ Birmingham Blues.

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