The devil is in the details

He’s back. But not the way you might think.

As I’m sure you’re aware, tomorrow is 06/06/06 which means…well, nothing unless you’re one of those booga-booga types who sees Jesus in a Pop-Tart. But since we’re talking “mark of the beast” I think it would be wise to review Richard Donner’s The Omen to see what it had to tell us.

As you may remember, an American ambassador (played by Gregory Peck) adopts a baby boy after his somewhat brittle wife (Lee Remick) miscarries. The creepy little child (played by Harvey Stephens whose career arc presaged Fred Savage) turns out to be the anti-Christ and various people are killed in exceedingly elaborate ways paving the way for movies like Final Destination. Of course it is very important to note that Satan (who is no dummy, let me tell you) manages to place the adoptable lil devil with a well-connected government official, as opposed to an out-of-work failed PhD candidate in Denver, in order to grease Damien’s path to power in episode 3, The Final Conflict.

So…to summarize:

Creepy anti-Christ child + adopted + father is a Presidential appointee =

The return of Little Lord Kickmyass

I’m just saying the Justice Stevens better watch his ass, is all…

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