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“[The homosexual] agenda includes teaching prohomosexual concepts in the public schools, redefining the family to represent “any circle of people who love each other,” approval of homosexual adoption, legitimizing same-sex marriage, and securing special rights for those who identify themselves as gay. Those ideas must be opposed, even though to do so is to expose oneself to the charge of being “homophobic.”

— Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide,” by James Dobson

Jim Jenkins of BlogAsheville (NC), sent me the terrific photomontage to commemorate the fundamentalist fest known as Marriage Protection Sunday. put on by the homobigots of the Southern Baptist Convention. Relgious leaders are stirring up the folks in the pews to start ringing up senators about the vote next week.

Jim has a wry rant over at his pad. A snippet — he talks about getting up to speed on Daddy Dobson’s view of the threat of same-sex marriage:

To find out I’ve been reading work by a man named James Dobson who is so focused on the family that he started an organization called Focus on the Family. This guy has got his panties in a wad over this whole gay marriage thing. In fact, he wrote a book about it. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t like him very much. His argument, best I can tell, goes something like this. Homosexuals don’t really want to get married. They are incapable of fidelity and most of them have thousands of different sex partners in their lifetime. (Partly why I don’t like him is that he makes me feel so inadequate.) There is a full scale homosexual conspiracy to pretend to want to get married so that they can devalue the institution to the point that it is meaningless for everyone. Dobson just doesn’t strike me as a big thinker.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding