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Batsh*t fundie gives SCOTUS justices a view of 'the big 10'

The WaPo has an article up on the bizarre antics of fundie Rob Schenck.

You might remember Schenck from his last batsh*t stunt back in January, when he slipped into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room for the nomination of Strip Search Sammy Alito and put holy oil on the seats of the major players to ensure confirmation. He did the same for John Roberts, blessing every piece of furniture in the hearing room at that time, according to the WaPo.

Now Schenck, of Faith and Action and the National Clergy Council, is unveiling an 850-lb granite Ten Commandments monument across the street from the Supreme Court.

Faith and Action says on its Web site that it plans to unveil the waist-high, 850-pound granite sculpture Saturday on the front lawn of the rowhouse on Second Street NE where the national group’s offices are. But the group apparently doesn’t have the approval it needs from at least two agencies, city officials and neighborhood activists said.

…The sculpture “will be visible to the nine justices as they arrive and leave each day,” the site said in explaining why the group undertook the project.

…Promoting the public display of the Ten Commandments is a central part of Faith and Action’s mission. It presents stone tablets of the commandments to elected and appointed officials and asks them to “display and obey” the gift.

“At the heart of the Ten Commandments Project is an effort to restore the moral foundations of American culture,” the group says in a brochure at its offices, where two reproductions of the commandments are on display on the first floor.

Hat tip, Holly.

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