Great Leapin’ Lesbos!!!

Debbie Schlussel who is known (unofficially of course) as America’s Bag Ladyâ„¢ fears a Lesbian Giantesses With Excellent Ball-Handling Skills planet:

Is the basketball player below a man or a woman? Too bad that dumb multi-colored basketball gave it away. Other than that, it’s hard to tell.

Yes, it’s that Weird Nuisance Brought on America–the WNBA–Lesbian Basketball, Season 10. The season started 1.5 weeks ago, but no-one noticed. Confucius say: What is the sound of one hand clapping? If a tree fell in the forest, and no-one was there to hear it, did it still make a noise?

Last night was the tenth anniversary of the founding of the WNBA, the “Women’s” National Basketball Association. Every season, I write a column making fun of this phony league of amateurs. They tried to market this as a low-cost family source of entertainment, but hard to take little Susie to a game, where the audience is full of butch women making out with each other (ditto for many of the players after the game finishes and they hit the locker room).

Here is the offensive photo:

Not-Schlussel approved…

In a previous post, Schlussel provides us with the feminine ideal from her private “Schlussel Wonder Woman collection“:


Debbie Schlussel has a private “Wonder Woman collection”.

That is even weirder than her obsession with the WNBA.

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