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Bizarre Bay State homobigot's unhinged over Boston Pride

Brian Camenker of the anti-gay Article 8 Alliance, along with his sheeple protested the launch of Gay Pride in Boston because they are concerned about city officials participating in the event. Oh my! (AgapePress):

To start the festivities this year, he says, Mayor Thomas Menino “is going to be part of a ceremony where he raises the gay flag, the rainbow flag, over Boston’s city hall.” Camenker adds that he and other members of his group plan to be at City Hall today as the events kick off to “take a picture of the mayor of Boston as he does this bizarre thing.”

The Article 8 Alliance spokesman says his group has a picture from last year showing that both the American flag and the state flag had been taken down so the homosexual flag would fly alone. He expects a large contingent of city officials and dignitaries will be on hand for this year’s raising of the rainbow flag. The weeklong homosexual celebration will culminate with a “gay pride” parade through the streets of Boston. Camenker says based on what happened last year, it is clear that Gay Pride Week is a major event for city officials, taking precedence over all over celebrations and acknowledgements.

Camenker is another homo-obsessed man with nothing better to do; he’s made the Blend several times, most notably for his successful campaign to remove a billboard for that featured two men wrapped in a flag. His comment: “You have two men embracing, wrapped in the American flag, advertising a porno website. How can you get more offensive than that?”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding