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A million cups of java

We rolled over the one million visitor mark here at the Blend! It happened a bit sooner than expected after a huge bump from Crooks & Liars yesterday (6500 visits vs. the normal daily 3000 or so), which linked up to the Richard Cohen piece.

Who’d have thought that so many folks would drop by this little virtual coffeehouse since I opened shop in July 2004? I was just blabbing/venting on here by myself for quite some time before the first commenters dropped by, mostly after following the blogwhoring links left at other folks’ pads.

Just to give you perspective on the growth of the blog in the last six months, we reached the 500K mark on Friday, December 30, 2005. I guess the word is getting around somehow. 🙂

Celebrate with coffee, baked goods and conversation for all! I’m making myself a nice hot cup of English breakfast tea.

Links and blogwhoring encouraged, of course!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts — the commenters here are stellar; each of you has made the Blend more than just a place to read the ramblings of the folks behind the coffee bar. I hope that the content and the atmosphere here remains pleasant and interesting enough to keep you coming back.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding