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Roots CtG: Pop Quiz

The Roots action that put a copy of Crashing the Gate on the desk of every Democratic member of the House and Senate was a resounding success. If you haven’t seen the video produced by Politics TV documenting the delivery of the books, click on the YouTube link above (also written up here). It’s absolutely inspiring. But did they read it? It’s time to find out. On Sunday June 11, we’re going to be devoting our regular FDL Book Salon to responses from your representatives to the book. Time to pick up the phone, introduce yourself and ask them what they thought. It’s a fabulous opportunity to get to know the people who work for your reps in a positive way on a name basis. We’re asking for a one or two paragraph comment on either the book or the effort that put it into their hands. We’ll devote as much space as we need to in order to get as many as possible. Because the books were delivered in DC your best bet is probably contacting your rep’s DC office. You can find contact information here. Jay Ackroyd (seen in the video above) is going to be wrangling this effort, and we need to have all submissions by 6pm PDT/9pm EDT on Friday, June 9. You can contact Jay at jayac AT dbsinyc DOT com. Thanks again to everyone who has put their time, effort and dollars into this one. I know lots of folks aren’t going to be able to make it to Yearly Kos so this is a great way to make your presence felt and be with us in spirit. Also please join us this Sunday when Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss his book, How Would a Patriot Act? The book will debut on that day at #11 on the NYT Bestseller list, due in large part to the amazing outpouring of support shown by blog readers who bought the book. We’ll be here at 5pm EDT/2pm PDT so please stop by, say hello and congratulate Glenn on a job well done.

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Jane Hamsher

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