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Good news in Hoosier land

“Jesus defended social and religious outcasts. That was one of his trademarks. Yet many in today’s church seem to specialize in beating up on those who are different. What’s wrong with this picture?”
— Pastor Jeff Miner of Jesus Metropolitan Community Church in Indiana, which is spending $55K on a tolerance campaign

As Blender Paula said, “finally some good news from the Hoosier state.”

How would Jesus treat gays and lesbians? Would he accept them as they are, or condemn them as sinners?

Whether you’re interested in engaging in the debate or not, a local gay and lesbian church’s in-your-face advertising campaign could make it a difficult topic to avoid over the next few weeks.

Especially with 2,000 yard signs, which began popping up in the metro area over the weekend, an ad in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star (with three more planned), 650 bumper stickers, 720 T-shirts and soon 25,000 door hangers — all courtesy of volunteers from the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church.

…Some conservatives welcome that debate but say Miner is wrong. Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute said it was, in fact, dedicated Christians who ended slavery and have fought for many social justice issues throughout history. [Lo and behold, Daddy Dobson is featured on its web site!]

“The Bible is misused all the time, and I think the good pastor is misusing it as well,” said Smith.

The IndyStar is running the ads, which will feature Klansmen around a burning cross and the headline “Remember a time when a symbol of love was used as a symbol of hate?” with the subhead: “The Bible shouldn’t be misused to justify discrimination against any group, including gay people.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding