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Bush's go-to black homobigot on marriage

“Same-sex marriage is not directly addressed in any affirming way by the words of Christ,” Jackson continues, “and it is simply spoken against in the Old Testament. And so we need to be true to the sacred scriptures that we hold as the guiding light for our faith.”

“It’s a matter of whether you’re a biblical conservative or a biblical liberal. By and large, biblical conservatives say that although we accept all people, there seems to be [a biblical] admonition against same-sex unions, especially the concept of [homosexual] marriage.”

“Gay rights is not an extension of the civil rights movement simply because there’s no choice involved in our blackness. I think there is an amazingly militant group of gays who have made it their point to say, ‘We’re going to be out; we’re going to be visible’ — that’s their choice.”

“We’ve got, I think, both a biblical lens in which I’m viewing this problem, and a sociological lens. Something that devalues the institution [of marriage] would take us to an even further level.”

“The gay community is well on its way to getting many, many of [the] rights that they want. I’m simply wanting to protect traditional marriage.”

— the wit and wisdom of Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Bowie, Maryland

All those choice quotes were in just one article. Bishop Jackson, by the way, also said this to mitigate his bullsh*t toward the end of this AgapePress tripe (hold your nose):

“I’m not against gay people; I’m not trying to bash them per se. I just think that we’re in such a terrible situation in my community that I’ve got to protect the institution.”

Since only 30 percent of blacks are in monogamous married relationships, Jackson feels that preventing homos from a crack at matrimony will be the big fix. Fancy that.

Jackson is chairman of the High-Impact Leadership Coalition, which released a six-point “Black Contract with America on Moral Values.” He’s also one of the signatories of a letter sent out to senators voting on the Marriage Protection Act next week by the Religious Coalition for Marriage. I posted about it last week.

Fun facts: did I mention that Jackson is buddies is Rev. Lou Sheldon, of the Traditional Values Coalition, and that the Bishop was one of the players at Justice Sunday II, or that he was one of the 20 religious leaders ushered in to meet with Dear Leader lasy July?

This is a man on the White House and fundie batphone as the go-to black pastor.

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