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sHillary's presidential plan

Ward Sutton/Village Voice

She accepted her party’s nomination yesterday in her run for a second term as a New York senator, and sHillary was trying with all her might to sound presidential. Actually, she did succeed at sounding like a DNC candidate-bot, spewing generalities that are meaningless. Take a look at this pablum:

“We need a fundamentally new direction â€? solutions that help us meet our 21st century challenges of expanding our economy, defending our security and preserving our values…We can reclaim our country. We can assume our standing in the world. And we can send a message far and wide: America is back.”

What values might she be referring to — bombs away in the war effort, banning flag burning…bleh.

The polls still show her as unelectable, but she plans to make a vanity video to show how she’s “won over” moderates in the Empire State.

A new ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows a huge gender gap among Clinton supporters, even among Democrats, with women more likely to support Clinton than men by a margin of 13 points.

The gap continues with Republicans, where three in 10 women indicated a willingness to support Clinton compared with two out of 10 Republican men.

A daunting 42 percent of all Americans say they’d never vote for her for president.

That statistic worries many local Democratic officials, including one from Greene County Missouri, where Bill Clinton won both his presidential runs.

“We really do need a nominee I think who can appeal to those moderate Republican voters and Independents,” said Nora Walcott, executive director of the Greene County Democratic Party. “I am just not personally sure that Senator Clinton is that candidate.”

Clinton is now taking steps to address the concerns about her appeal by positioning herself as a moderate and unveiling a campaign video that includes the New York skeptics she has already won over…

If you wanted to know the kind of thinking that’s going on in the sHillary bubble about her electability, search no more — read the delusions.

“Upstate New York is like Middle America,” said Democratic advocate Donna Brazile. “And they’re the type of voter she will need to win and pull together if she decides to run in 2008.”

Some supporters point out that Clinton comes from Illinois and spent years in Arkansas.

But not everyone buys that argument.

“I think that having gone to Washington, and been there so long, and now being in New York as a senator really does tie her pretty tightly to the East Coast establishment,” Walcott said.

They really want to peg her as an outsider from the heartland? Are they freaking serious? Sadly, the sheeple were adequately convinced that Dear Leader was “one of them,” so I guess the sHillary plan is to follow the GOP playbook.

Hat tip, Henway


Paul points to a Raw Story piece that’s entertaining:

A new behavior prediction tool by a media psychology firm is forecasts a landslide victory for former Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the 2008 presidential election should he run for office — but says if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) wins the Democratic nod, any potential Republican challenger will emerge victorious.

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