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Saving the sanctity of marriage in Minnesota

Eva at Dump Michele Bachmann passed along a link to the latest screeching from the Minnesota for Marriage clods.

They’ve released a video, “Battle for Marriage,” that features contributions from Bachmann’s friend, “ex-gay” Janet Boynes (see my last post on her, where she claims lesbianism is caused by rape). You can pick the three-minute overview or the tortuous 30-minute version for your viewing pleasure.

This newly-released video presents the case for a Minnesota state constitutional marriage amendment. This program will help you move beyond a basic awareness of the debate surrounding same-sex marriage to become fully informed and equipped to take action. Informed of the catastrophic setbacks that await you, your family and your church should we loose the battle for marriage. Informed of why this is not a civil rights issue. And informed of the real agenda of homosexual activists. You’ll also learn why “civil unions” are just “same-sex marriage” by another name. You’ll hear from attorneys, Christian leaders and professionals about the real facts and the real dangers. And you’ll learn how you can take action to protect marriage and future generations of Minnesota families.

UPDATE: Eva’s transcribed some of the bleating from the 30 minute version, which features Daddy Dobson, Janet Boynes and Michele Bachmann….

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding