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Kiss those votes goodbye

The RFK, Jr. article in Rolling Stone, Was the 2004 Election Stolen? is up in its entirety. It’s very long, well-sourced and completely depressing piece on how our democracy has been trashed. Skeptics, I recommend that you read the whole thing before contributing snarky commentary.

You cannot come away without at seeing how Ohio Secretary of State (and now gubernatorial candidate) Ken Blackwell is just f*cking evil. Katherine Harris is small potatoes compared to what Patriot Pastor-sponsored homobigot Blackwell did to toss the election to Dear Leader, disenfranchising thousands upon thousands of voters with registration hurdles, law-breaking, and simply not putting enough machines to accommodate voters in select areas. You know, the precincts that wouldn’t swing for the Chimperor.

Here’s just one of many, many documented examples of voting gone awry you’ll read about.

Take the case of Ellen Connally, a Democrat who lost her race for chief justice of the state Supreme Court. When the ballots were counted, Kerry should have drawn far more votes than Connally — a liberal black judge who supports gay rights and campaigned on a shoestring budget. And that’s exactly what happened statewide: Kerry tallied 667,000 more votes for president than Connally did for chief justice, outpolling her by a margin of thirty-two percent. Yet in these twelve off-the-radar counties, Connally somehow managed to outperform the best-funded Democrat in history, thumping Kerry by a grand total of 19,621 votes — a margin of ten percent.(181) The Conyers report — recognizing that thousands of rural Bush voters were unlikely to have backed a gay-friendly black judge roundly rejected in Democratic precincts — suggests that ”thousands of votes for Senator Kerry were lost.”(182)

[Rep. Dennis] Kucinich, a veteran of elections in the state, puts it even more bluntly. ”Down-ticket candidates shouldn’t outperform presidential candidates like that,” he says. ”That just doesn’t happen. The question is: Where did the votes for Kerry go?”

…In Auglaize County, where Kerry lost not only to Connally but to two other defeated Democratic judicial candidates, voters cast their ballots on touch-screen machines. (187) Two weeks before the election, an employee of ES&S;, the company that manufactures the machines, was observed by a local election official making an unauthorized log-in to the central computer used to compile election results.

The overwhelming sense you get after reading this article is that no one was interested in calling this out. Kerry, as we all saw, just folded the day after the election, when it was clear major shenanigans were going on.

No doubt the right will attempt to pick apart this piece, or simply scream “partisan propaganda” to divert attention, but it really doesn’t matter — if it’s all true, then what? As Shakes Sis says in her post about this good, thorough, full-of-footnotes piece, “I have no idea WTF we’re supposed to do about it.”

The MSM is not interested in rocking this boat.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding