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Joe Lieberman is hiding from the people of Connecticut, appearing only in canned meetings — while Ned Lamont travels to town halls in parts of Connecticut that haven’t seen Holy Joe’s preachy ass in 18 years.  Likewise Lieberman has nothing but thin-skinned resentment for the netroots community (those touchy people who aren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of 30 more years of Strip Search Sammy) but Ned has no trouble answering online questions directly over at Kos today.  Take a look, you’ll be impressed with how knowledgable and down-to-earth he is.  (I followed him today on Mother Jones Radio and they were quite impressed with how "non-politician" he was when he spoke, well informed and not locked in double-speak.)

I thought this was interesting:

Q.  Question… How has the Democratic Party as a whole reacted to you.  Have you been pressured to drop out or told you are hurting the overall ticket or been asked to not hit Lieberman so hard.  Have they tried to make you go away like Paul Hackett?  Or are you getting a lot of silent support?by naufragus on Wed May 31, 2006 at 04:38:38 PM PDT

A. Publicly the party brass do not think much of primaries,  but privately many  of them are saying "go for it," the Party needs a shot in the arm.

I think Ned was being diplomatic here.  My guess is many are saying "we’re sick of being stabbed in the back and undermined by that camera hog Lieberman, if you can pry him off Meet the Press more power to you, fella."

But that’s only a guess. 

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