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Unhinged Vernon Robinson tries a little 'gay-baiting' on NC incumbent Brad Miller

Do you want to know how low a Rethug can go? Take a look at the antics of homobigot Vernon Robinson, who’s trying to unseat Brad Miller in the 13th District race here in NC with some dumb gay-baiting tactics — a well-worn path for him. He intimates that because Miller and his wife have no children, that he’s somehow “suspect.”

In a News & Observer article by Rob Christensen, it’s clear that Robinson is going to take the extremely low road since he has nothing else to offer voters in this state.

“My wife was interviewed on three television stations last week about why we had not had children and what was my sexual orientation,” Miller recently told delegates to the 13th District Democratic convention at Alamance Community College.

“Ohh my Gawd!” blurted out a woman in the audience.

Welcome to the culture wars of the 13th Congressional District, where Republican Vernon Robinson is trying to unseat Miller, a two-term incumbent from Raleigh.

…Soon after winning the GOP primary in the 13th District in May, Robinson mailed literature to more than 400,000 households portraying Miller’s voting record and personal life as being out of the mainstream.

Among many other things, the literature calls Miller a “childless, middle-aged personal injury lawyer.”

Miller said he was “stunned” by the letter.

“I think that should not be part of what you agree to take on if you want to be involved in politics — that kind of personal attack without any basis,” Miller said.

Miller said his wife of nearly 25 years, Esther Hall, could not bear children because she had endometriosis and then a hysterectomy at age 27 before the couple were married.

Robinson is a sick man. But it doesn’t end there.

…Miller said Robinson has a history of implying that his opponents are gay, noting that in 2004, he described GOP opponent Ed Broyhill as “limp wristed.” (Robinson distributed a campaign letter quoting a woman calling Broyhill a “limp wristed millionaire.”) Robinson said he was not questioning Miller’s sexuality.

“I did not say the guy is a homosexual …,” Robinson said. “We were talking about the left-wing wacko friends he runs around with.”

Miller often posts diaries on DKos, and Robinson squeals in his literature that Markos is “militant homosexual rights advocate” and calls him “Brad Miller’s San Francisco Soul Mate.”

Gee, does that sound like gay baiting to you? Why is Vern so fixated on homos? Hmmmm.

Robinson is a piece of work, known as “the black Jesse Helms” and his pet issue, aside from gay-bashing, is stirring hysteria about “the brown menace” coming over the border. He ran an infamous ad on the radio that said “If Miller had his way…America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals.” Mariachi music played in the background.

You might recall Robinson’s outrageous Twilight Zone ad, which I posted about back in March. Here’s a refresher — a really good peek inside the mind of a disturbed man.

The Twilight Zone-theme and music are quite appropriate in this case. This is one of the most offensive — and amusing — pieces of political theatre I have ever seen, with a picture of a fetus, then invoking the Homo AlertTM

with an image of men kissing. He moves on to “aliens,” showing spaceships, then cutting to a pic of Mexicans scaling fences. This ad packs every wingnut, unhinged Freeper cause into this one media piece.

What’s amusing is that the spot says a lot about this self-loathing black man — the fact that he’s a Republican is incidental, other than it’s the party as it exists today that kowtows to bigots like Robinson. When the announcer in the ad is bleating about not being able to “post the Ten Commandments in public or say God in public.”, it cuts the all-American white children in the picture above.

The spot immediately segues to a mug shot of Jesse Jackson and a retro shot of Al Sharpton to talk about black babies born out of wedlock and quotas. There’s no logical connection, only the juxtaposition for shock value. It’s sad.

Yes, Vern is appealing to the base of the party and its values. He even calls the ad “The Twilight Zone vs. Leave It To Beaver” — the last shot is of the Cleaver family backing out of their driveway, going out for a car ride. The Real America.

It’s Vern’s ode to the TV lily white surburban fantasy world. In the real world, he would have been sitting at the back of the bus and chased from the whites-only lunch counter. Nice.

There’s no flipping way Robinson has a prayer of winning this seat, but it’s going to get ugly. This is the NC GOP in all its glory. At one time or another, Robinson has been endorsed by:

Jesse Helms, Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, Elizabeth Dole, Lauch Faircloth, Richard Burr, Tom Tancredo, U.S. Immigration Reform PAC, English Language PAC, Jack Kemp, Dick Armey, Gary Bauer, the NRA, the Executive Directors of Gun Owners of America and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Right-to-Life, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Pete du Pont, Police Benevolent Association, Int’l Association of Fire Fighters, Republican Liberty Caucus, The Dixie Daily News, Southern Caucus, Richard Petty, and Jeb Bush.

What’s telling is that his current endorsement page is empty.

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Pam Spaulding