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Roy Moore tanks in Alabama governor's race

The Alabama GOP primary is on June 6, and SurveyUSA delivers the bad news to Roy:

If the Republican Primary were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Roy Moore? Or Bob Riley?

30% Moore
66% Riley
5% Undecided

But he’s not giving up. Well, he has given up on putting the slab o’ Ten Commandments in the state house.

Moore states that if elected he will not attempt to return the Ten Commandments monument to a state building in Montgomery. But he says he will work for term limits for legislators to curb influence from special interests. And as for the pre-election polls, he believes he will benefit from a strong voter turnout.

“People have to understand: in this state we don’t have party registration — [therefore] you can vote in any primary that you wish,” he explains. “So we encourage all people in Alabama to come in and ask for the [Republican] ballot …, to vote so we can return a godly understanding of government to our state and representative government to our people. We need to return the government of this state back to the people of Alabama.”

Moore also vows to push for tougher penalties for businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. His campaign website also states Moore’s opposition to gambling, pornography, and same-sex “marriage,” as well as his promise to defend individuals’ rights to “publicly acknowledge God as the moral foundation of law, liberty, and government.”

Meanwhile, across the aisle…

If the Democratic Primary were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Lucy Baxley? Don Siegelman? Or some other candidate?

39% Baxley
47% Siegelman
9% Other
5% Undecided

Former governor Don Siegelman, who is being tried on racketeering and corruption charges, is leading in the Dem race. Man, you couldn’t make this up. Riley will cruise to victory.

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