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Fundies go after Mitt

Yet another GOP 2008 hopeful courting The Base gets slapped down.

Some pro-family groups and the conservative media are being accused of covering up the fact that Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is “the founding father of homosexual marriage’ — or so says a parents coalition leader in that state.

The Massachusetts-based Parents’ Rights Coalition (PRC) claims it was Governor Romney’s “illegal” executive order that imposed homosexual “marriage” in the Bay State, not the controversial Goodridge court decision in November 2003. PRC’s John Haskins contends the 2008 presidential hopeful committed an impeachable act by violating several articles of the Massachusetts Constitution.

According to Haskins, PRC and the Article 8 Alliance — another Massachusetts-based pro-family group — notified conservative media outlets such as The Weekly Standard, National Review, and the American Spectator that Romney was personally advised in advance that he was violating the state constitution.

“The real tragedy here is that many pro-family groups and the conservative media continue to cover up for Governor Romney and ignore the plain meaning of the Massachusetts constitution,” asserts Haskins, “which says that neither the governor nor any court can strike down laws –only the Legislature can do that.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding