High in Fiber

The Connecticut Flesh-eater (Sceloporus skankus) shown here
extending its neck and swallowing rightwing lies whole.

From my weekly email from Human Events:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

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HUMAN EVENTS is the nation’s oldest conservative weekly publication and publishing “politically incorrect” news is what we do best. Subscribe today at a steep discount and know that you will be getting news free from liberal bias and “politically correct” nonsense.

Here is what some well-known conservatives have to say about HUMAN EVENTS:

Ronald Reagan: “For over 30 years, including my eight in the White House, I have always made time to read HUMAN EVENTS… aggressive reporting, superb analysis.”

Ann Coulter: “I devour it from cover to cover every week. Why? Because it’s the one newspaper I can count on to bring me the absolute, unvarnished, hard-hitting truth.”

Human Events: First choice of the dead…and those who feed on the flesh of the dead.

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