The Boobies of Mass Destruction

I killed an Islamist and made his couch into
this lovely ensemble. Freedom is on the runway!

If hysteria was a weapon, we would so be winning:

So it is not enough that the mainstream media has become the propaganda tool for the Islamists and the enemies of America. Not satisfied with the results of their daily brain washing (or should I say brain clubbing) now they intend to shame the American people for having the courage of their convictions.

Over at CBS News, they want to know “Why So Little Protest On Iraq? (hat tip Steverino)

Why? Because we are at war you little shit you! Because we are fighting an enemy so insidious, so dangerous, so shadowy — it will take the whole of the nation, all hearts and minds to defeat it.


Hey dotty Dotty, every loss is huge, every death is enormous. We are all on the front lines now. Shut up and fight or get out of the way.

Are they still giving out Purple Hearts for a broken nail?

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