Dumber than a sack of Hewitts

Can we please have a moratorium on using the word meme, particularly when people don’t know what the hell it means? Case in point: Mary Katharine Ham who was hired by Hugh Hewitt to make him look smarter by comparison.

In the same story, the MSM created its own meme:

Senior U.S. Republican Senator John Warner vowed to hold hearings on atrocity allegations against Marines in the killings of up to two dozen Iraqi civilians last November — a case some U.S. media have compared to the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam.

Now, that’s just silly. Within a couple days, it will be “a case some in the U.S. have compared to the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam,” and then “some have compared to the 1968 My Mai massacre.” Soon, no one will remember it was the press that started it, and it’s quite an incendiary comparison given that the investigation is not yet over.

To see an analogy between My Lai and Haditha isn’t a meme. It is a historical analogy that contains many similarities: an unpopular war, a battle for “hearts and minds”, a slaughter of innocents, and a cover-up, all involving American troops killing the very people that they are supposed to protecting. And if one looks at how many immediately made the same point regardless of their political outlook, and then dismiss it as a “MSM meme” isn’t just silly, it’s downright stupid.

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