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Start playing 'Taps' for the DNC

Good god. He just doesn’t get it.

Howard Dean says Democrats must have faith in their ability to attract religious voters.

The former presidential candidate, who will speak at this weekend’s Oregon Democratic Convention in Eugene, says his party must do a better job of winning the support of evangelical Christians, who have voted Republican in recent elections.

To that end, Dean recently appeared on Pat Robertson’s “700 Club.” The appearance wasn’t without its bumps. Dean had to later apologize to gay-rights leaders for incorrectly stating during the program that the party’s platform said “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Still, Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in an interview with the Register-Guard newspaper that he hopes to eventually make another appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network – and that he’s encouraging rank-and-file party members to discuss faith and morality.

“Our Democratic values are American values,” Dean said. “Most people in this county, including evangelicals, think it’s immoral to let children go to bed hungry at night. They think it’s immoral not to have everyone in some kind of health insurance.”

What is he smoking? The evangelicals elected the very government in charge that is letting children go hungry, kicking hurricane victims out of hotels and giving them defective trailers (if they can get one), and health insurance, well that’s a joke. A Republican politely points out that Howard’s insane:

But Amy Langdon, executive director of the Oregon Republican Party, said Democrats are so out of step with religious voters on issues such as abortion and gay marriage that the approach has little chance of working.

“I think they’ll be hard-pressed to make the case to the faith community that somehow the Democratic Party serves their interests,’’ she said.

Where she is wrong, of course, is the presumption that the “faith community” is only the wingnut faction, which is the average 700 Club viewer. Dean is trying to win over the wrong religious base. He’s wasting his time.

UPDATE: Shakes Sis puts in her two cents (and posts some of Crazy Pat’s greatest hits):

He calls for the assassinations of world leaders. He blames natural disasters on gays. He is batshit fucking insane, and not only is it foolish to believe Dems will be able to cull voters from his brainless audience; it’s also patently offensive to those of us (women, the LGBT community, minorities), who are repeatedly and unapologetically slurred on his program, for the chair of the DNC to legitimize that backwater of televised lunacy by making appearances and going on about how the Dems share their fucking values.

Hat tip, PageOneQ

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