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Lamont Rocks Steady, Lieberman Runs Scared


Not a good week for Bush’s Favorite Democrat:

Jonathan Alter tells Chris Matthews Lieberman is in "real trouble" against Ned Lamont

.  Republicans concern trolls spring to his defense and claim that an attempt to "purge" Lieberman from the party will be cataclysmic:

An oustanding attorney general of Connecticut, three-term senator, Democratic candidate for vice president of the United States (who won a majority of the popular vote), and long-time conscience of his party, Lieberman should be the LAST person the Democrats should try to purge.

We always take the advice of well-meaning Republicans very seriously, and will take that under advisement.  Maybe put it on the agenda for the next blogger ethics panel.

.  Lieberman introduced at Memorial Day Parade by veteran who says:

"Jospeph Lieberman has served, he’s in his 18th year. And, ummm, as the expression goes, ‘maybe we’ll keep him there until he gets it right.’"

.  While Ned Lamont walks the parade route with his family, Lieberman accompanies a Republican Congresswoman.

.  Rape Gurney Joe takes the rather extraordinary step of running attack ads before the primary. Not exactly a sign of confidence.

Unlike other battles he’s sent others to fight on his behalf for fun and profit, there are no deferments available in the race against Lamont.  Fifty bucks says Lieberman turns chickenhawk and bolts the party; it’s not like he’s got some kind of principled stand. 

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