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Frist: it's all about The Base and the Gay Boogeyman

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was on Faux News Sunday, and he freely admitted that the Rethugs have nothing of substance to offer up to its Base of bigots, knuckledraggers and bible-beating sheeple except the Gay Boogeyman. Oh wait, and flag burning. I sense flop sweat and naked fear that the illega immigration issue is going to bury them, so they are pulling out the old bag of sad-ass tricks.

He’s excited about the upcoming marriage amendment debate, hoping it can serve as a smokescreen to mask their utter failure as a party to lead on anything. (

With Republicans on the defensive and for the first time in six years facing the potential of a crushing defeat at the polls in November Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is turning to the issue that successfully galvanized the GOP’s conservative in the past – banning gay marriage – to reverse the party’s lagging support.

…”It’s important to the heart and soul of the American people,” Frist (R-Tenn.) told “Fox News Sunday”.

He also is pushing an amendment to bar flag burning. Asked if these were the two issues were the most important the Senate can address in June – with the nation facing escalating gas prices and a host of other problems, Frist said his agenda will focus on securing the country and its values.

“That union between a man and a woman is the cornerstone of our society. It is under attack today … [by] activist judges, unelected activist judges,” he said.


UPDATE: Frist’s nonsense gave Howard Dean/the DNC an easy opportunity to comment. Just passing this along…

“At a time when the Republican party is in trouble with their conservative base, Bill Frist is taking a page straight out of the Karl Rove playbook to distract from the Republican Party’s failed leadership and misplaced priorities by scapegoating LGBT families for political gain, using marriage as a wedge issue. It is not only morally wrong, it is shameful and reprehensible. This measure will only hurt LGBT Americans. America deserves better than this.

“Democrats value all families and are committed to the fundamental principle that every American has the right to live in dignity, with equal rights, responsibilities and protections under the law. Democrats strongly oppose any attempt to write discrimination into law and are committed to fighting this hateful, divisive amendment and to fighting similarly hateful ballot initiatives in states across the country.”


Meanwhile, the Base cannot be happy with this statement out of spokesbot Tony Snow, who compared illegal immigration to getting a speeding ticket. Tom Tancredo’s (R-CO) office hopped on that one pronto:

“If you had a traffic ticket and you paid it, you’re not forever a speeder, are you?” White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said in response to questions from The Examiner. “So the fact is, you have paid your debt to society,” he added. “And we have come up with a way to make sure that the debt to society gets paid. Then you move forward.”

The “traffic ticket” analogy raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill, where many House Republicans regard illegal immigration as a grave crime.

“I don’t know if Tony meant to trivialize it or not,” said Will Adams, spokesman for Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. “But it’s certainly misleading.”

…”Here’s a more apt analogy,” he said. “You get stopped for speeding, and you say to the cop: “Hey listen, you’re about to give me a $300 ticket. How about we make it 20 bucks and just call it even?”

No wonder Frist is harping on same-sex marriage. If the public dares to pay attention to the implosion going on in the Rethug party over immigration they would see the chaos and failure.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding