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'Ex-gay' shill Janet Boynes: lesbianism caused by rape

Jeebus. How stupid is this, from a podcast interview with ex-gay fundie Janet Boynes and running buddy of Minnesota homobigot Michele Bachmann (via Eva @ Lloydletta):

From what I know I believe there’s 80% of women, between 80 and 85% of women that are struggling with homosexuality were either raped by someone they knew or somebody outside of that normally there’s some type of rape or some kind of molestation in our past.

Stats pulled out of her ass, of course. Who is Janet Boynes?

She is featured in the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council’s “Pro-Family News“, and bills herself as a “former lesbian,” speaking at engagements around the country to help call people out of their homosexuality by finding Christ. Eva on Janet:

When I debated Michele Bachmann on KKMS, Janet called in and stated that gay women are frequently in butch/femme relationships, and so why not go for a male/female relationship.

Man, this is weak.

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