Blow it out your ass, fratboy

I’m too pretty and smart to die

Joel Malchow, who can’t be bothered to become one of the few and the proud himself, instructs us on patriotism:

This is Memorial Day. I thought I would offer several items throughout the day, but as the sun is quickly descending on this very day in Baghdad, it is only proper to address first what has been weighing relentlessly on everyone: the politicizing of the War on Terror, the insolent drumbeat of the anti-Americanists, the love of the bad in this war and the ignorance of the good, and how it all hallows the enormous, just pride all Americans should feel for their Armed Forces—who in all of their storied history are almost without exception liberators, and not occupiers.

Speaking on behalf of the many who opposed this war from the outset: Fuck you Joel, you cowardly little shit.

What has been weighing on everyone is not the politicizing of “The War on Terror”, but the lies and utter wrongness of the Iraqi war. The Bush administration has been wrong about Every. Fucking. Thing. about this war from its justification to its prosecution and now twenty-four hundred and sixty five men and women who didn’t hole up in college in order to pontificate to their their betters on what it is to be an American are dead. They’re dead and they shouldn’t be and their families should have been having a barbeque and playing baseball in the park today instead of taking flowers down to the cemetery and quietly wondering what might have been. You want insolent? Take a look in the mirror, you little craphound. With absolutely nothing on the line and having done nothing but wave your little flag from the sidelines, how dare you even question anyone’s patriotism or call them an “anti-Americanist”, which I assume is the latest in epithets from bedwetting set.

You want to honor the American fighting man on Memorial Day? School is out. Stop studying history and go make some. Go enlist. They’d be honored to have your pasty-ass take one of their spots when they rotate out.

In the meantime, don’t speak for them. Although you’ve got the freedom to do so, you just haven’t earned it.

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