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On Wednesday, George Bush said:

The enemy cannot defeat us on the battlefield, but what they can do is put horrible images on our TV screens. 

Who puts "horrible images on our TV screens?"  Al Quaeda?  Osama bin Forgotten?  Did they seize Sinclair Broadcasting and nobody told me?  I miss things every once in a while but I think I would’ve caught that.

The people who "put horrible images on our TV screens," the people who aren’t delivering enough of the Good Time News from Iraq that the Administration keeps insisting is out there, are the TV news networks, broadcasters, journalists and those covering the war.  These people, according to George Bush, are "the enemy."

George Bush also believes it is okay to tap the phones of "the enemy" without warrants and in violation of the law as part of the War on Terra.  

Maybe it’s time for a few of these "enemies" to get a little pissed off?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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