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Violence mars gay rights event in Moscow

This got out of control fast. A sick mob attacked gay activists and there are reports that tear gas was used on those at the rally.

Russian police, nationalist protesters and Orthodox Christians forcefully prevented gay and lesbian rights activists from rallying in Moscow on Saturday. The activists had planned to lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a symbol of the Second World War struggle against fascism and one of Russia’s most revered places.

But some 1,000 riot police moved in to close the gates to the park near Red Square as the marchers arrived.

The activists said they planned the event as a symbolic protest to equate the struggle for gay rights with the struggle against fascism in the Second World War. City officials had refused to grant permission for the rally, and on Friday a Moscow court upheld a ban imposed by the mayor.

Police arrested 120 people, both gay activists and anti-gay protesters. The rally’s organizer, Nikolay Alexeyev, was among those arrested…”We are conducting a peaceful action. We want to show that we have the same rights as other citizens,” Alexeyev told a news conference a few hours before events turned violent.

The crowd opposed to gay rights and the rally included women who held up religious icons. They were joined by men in Cossack traditional dress – white sheepskin hats and black-and-red tunics.

Police quickly moved in as the first half-dozen rally participants arrived carrying flowers. They were joined by about 100 religious and nationalist extremists who kicked and punched some of the activists.

You can read more at UKGayNews and check out the blogging of Scott Long, Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights program for Human Rights Watch, over at the Washington Blade. CNN has video.

I’ve not seen this level of sick homo-bashing in the swamps like this in a long while. Remind Ken and Karl (and MCheney) that this is The Base of the Republican Party speaking its mind:

Actual Freeper Quotes™

There is something good coming out of Russia afterall. I can just hear the effeminate liberal leftist voices moaning and whining about this.

Spandex/tutus vs. sheepskin hats and tunics – Bet on the real Men every time…

Maybe the Russians have seen how the Fags in the USA have pushed their lifestyle acceptance down to elementary school books. The Russians decided to be less tolerant of perverts. Good for them.

What a baboonery. Couldn’t they be expressing their disapproval without fists?

We will surely see the ACLU all over this. Or will it be the RCLU? After all several of the gay participants received blows. Maybe I should try to put that another way.

There sure does seem to be a lot of “gay” yahoos running around out there lately. I hope this isn’t one of those things caused by “global warming.”

I’m not going to criticize the actions of the Russians. They haven’t become feminized yet. So I will celebrate their cultural difference.

Back during one of the Reagan-Gorbachev summits ACT-UP sent a passel of poofters to Moscow to generate publicity with one of their trademark “kiss-ins”. It started OK, they pranced around in front of the cameras waving condoms and shrieking “Get Condoms, Not AIDS”, but when they got to the “kiss-in” part, a bunch of Russian men boiled out of the nearby buildings and commenced to stomp the dog crap out of them. CNN showed the altercation just once. I tried to get my VHS set up to catch it during the next rotation, but they didn’t show it again. Too bad. It was a total hoot. Anyone else see that?

NO, this is what is needed. For REAL men to stand up to the sickos and perverts.

Sometimes Russia seems more civilized and sane that America, where far too many people are intimidated by the goofball liberal PC press. Congratulations to the regular folks of Moscow for standing up and saying “NO” to sodomy and the whole gay agenda.

Well said. It is amazing that in only a few decades we’ve been successfully cowed into saying nothing when 1-2% of our population want to wave their sexual perversions in our faces. We’re too afraid, but the Russians aren’t.

I’m definitely no supporter of the homosexual agenda, but I don’t think the protesters deserved this. There’s a huge difference between not submitting to every perverse demand they make, and beating the crap out of them.

Maybe they saw how far “dialog” helped us in the US to preserve traditional values and realized it was a lost cause.

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