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I’ve been through the medical wringer today, so no blogging as you can see.

Feel free to stop reading after this sentence if you are of the queasy sort.


In total, I’ve been in either urgent care or the ER because of complications from my surgery since 10 AM. We just got home — around 9 PM. I won’t go into a blow-by-blow description, but here are the highlights for those with cast-iron stomachs.:
* I was repeatedly coughing up blood and had labored breathing (fallout from general anesthesia and intubation) overnight.
* It took 7 tries to get an IV in (veins kept rolling or collapsing).
* I had one other procedure to check my oxygen levels that involved getting to an artery (as opposed to a vein) in my wrist. That hurt so bad that I actually left bite marks on my other hand that I was chomping on to keep from screaming in the ER. The nurse doing that procedure said I handled it well. At least I was given fair warning that it would be a lot worse than putting an IV in.

All that plus a lot of blood work and tests that ended up with nothing conclusive except to rule out anything serious for now. I was sent home to wait and medicate.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding