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Open thread – this and that

Not enough energy yet to blog at length, but things are still arriving in the mailbag that you might want to nosh on.

Feel free to blogwhore and drop some links in the cookie jar…

* More church sign humor, this from The Pagan Bodhisattva, who took this pic in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. He says “Looks like some evangelicals are coming around…

* Blender Christopher passed on a link to the campaign of Patrick Gardner, who is running against homobigot Debra Maggart for the House District 45 seat in Tennessee. You might recall my post on this horrid woman who said:

“I am not convinced that just because our foster children desperately need loving homes that we should just place them in homes that are available when research also shows that most homosexual couples have numerous emotional dysfunctions and psychological issues that may not be healthy for children.”

Clearly, she’s got to go.

* Paul points to an article in The Olympian about Washington State politics, which notes that immigration is now going to be the hot issue for Rethugs, supplanting same-sex marriage.

“There might be some hot resolutions brought up,” [Thurston County Republican chairman ] Matthews said. “There could be one for immigration and enforcing immigration laws. There could be the usual one for marriage, (limiting it to) between one man and one woman…I think the immigration issue has taken attention away from the marriage issue.”

* Just from the description, you know that Shakes Sis must be pointing to something outrageous: “If I hadn’t already long ago purchased my one-way ticket to hell, this would pretty much do the trick. Of course, I was raised by a Lutheran mother who is quite convinced that Jesus has a fabulous sense of humor, with which I agree, so basically, I couldn’t help but laugh.” Also, my bloggrrrrl wrote up a fun and sweet post about how we met online yesterday that I forget to mention.

* Kel Munger of the alt-pub Sacramento News & Review has an entertaining column up on the phenomenon of anti-gay bigots who seem to spawn gay kids or have gay relatives.

* This is rich — Daddy Dobson has a ridiculous cookie cutter Marriage Protection Amendment Letter to the Editor Generator up at the Focus on the Anus web site. Thanks to David at InOpinion for the heads up, noting that some of these letters have actually made it into some smaller papers:

Most of the time, these operations are more successful at planting their plagiarism in the letters columns of smaller papers without the staff to pull the weeds, but Focus on the Family really knows what they are doing.

They’ve slipped by the editors at The Fresno Bee, The Orange County Register, The Toledo Blade, Tucson Citizen and The Deseret News.

* The Campaign for America’s Future‘s 2006 Take Back America’s Future conference is coming up June 12-14 in DC. I’ve received a couple of invitations to attend on Blogger’s Row at this big progressive event, but I’m only a part-time blogger with a more-than-FT job, so it sucks to have to take a pass on what looks like a really interesting event. This is what separates the A-list bloggers from the rest of the pack because the “non-anointed” regular folks either 1) can’t afford to go/the events are too far away; or, 2) don’t have the free time to go. That’s just how things shake out — there will never be a real level playing field in the blogosphere because of this.

Anyway, there will be some pretty big names there: Robert Redford, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Russ Feingold, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Rep. George Miller, Sen. sHillary ClintonWhy is sHillary even invited, ha, ha? I’m sure she won’t be taking any questions from bloggers…

One thing I will note as a deficit on the agenda from my perspective — the only panel that looks like it will touch on gay rights issue is the generic “The Values Debate: The Anti-American Right,” on which Barney Frank is participating. There is a “Blogs and the New Politics” panel, moderated by the excellent Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory, and features Christy Hardin Smith of one of my faves, Firedoglake.

* Litbrit tells us in song why Gore should run in 2008, and provides a Belated Mothers’ Day Present Wish List that includes “The Great Decider decides to move back to Texas permanently; suffers fatal brush-clearing accident.”

* Over at Lassiter Space, Jay’s got some interesting stuff up that you should check out, including an interview with the democratic Congressional candidate from his district (he’s in Cherry Hill, NJ), and an editorial for the NJ Courier Post about Jay’s recovery from meth.

* The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition is a new PAC working on LGBT issues in the state, and, as a startup, it’s trying to get its financial sea legs to do good work here. For more info, email Matt Hill Comer.

* R. Neal over at Facing South riffs on the ridiculous bans on sex toys in Southern states:

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the rash of anti-sex toy legislation sweeping the South? South Carolina is the latest to consider a ban, and legislation has already been passed in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. Similar legislation was proposed in Tennessee earlier this year, but it was quickly withdrawn. Apparently nobody in Nashville wanted to touch the sex toy issue. I had
no idea this was such a big problem in the South. I guess we’ve solved all the problems of poverty, equality, jobs, and health care, and sex toys are now our number one priority.

* And one question of the day — Paul suggested that I post a morning and evening open thread, since Blenders seem to have been engaging in more (great) conversation and debate that go off-topic in posts, and he’s been enjoying a lot of the free-form discussion. Thumbs up for that?

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