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I Got Yer Sincerity Right Here…


No one likes a lying, smarmy faking jerk — especially one that is faking contrition and sincerity.  (H/T to Taylor, where I found the pix.) 

Watch the Crooks and Liars video of Richard Wolffe again — and ask yourself why, if the rest of the media knows about the fact that the President needs a big, ole attitude adjustment — why aren’t they reporting it like Wolffe did?  Contrast Wolffe’s reporting with the bizarro Tweety and Noron Fantasy Island festivus.

And then ask yourself:  even if there were a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington waiting out there in the wings for the Democratic party, how in the hell would anyone ever know about it the way that things are covered in the media these days?

We need a whole new way forward.  And my brain hurts trying to come up with anything workable.  Which is why I’m recommending a read of Jamison Foster’s piece at Media Matters.  Read.  Discuss.  Absorb.

…and get ready, because the battle is just getting started.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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