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Late Nite FDL: Ready When You Are

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Emptywheel is setting the Plame-o-sphere afire today, first with Pt. II of her "Anatomy of a White House Smear" (Pt. I is here).  Anyone looking to play a bit of catch-up with the known narrative on the CIA leak case would do well to start there, it’s on my bookmark bar.  And while I’m at it, whoever is keeping the DKosopedia timeline up to date is doing a fantastic job (Quicksilver?), they’d already worked in the stuff from Murray Waas’s latest by the time I was writing it up yesterday.

Judge Walton ruled today on Libby’s requests for discovery from various media sources.   Emptywheel also has a fine piece up on this decision, but Libby doesn’t get much.  The only thing that is potentially of interest are various drafts of Matt Cooper’s article "What I Told the Grand Jury" because of "slight alterations" that "the defense could arguably use to impeach Cooper," according to Walton.

Tom Maguire is of course having a field day.  But according to lawyers familiar with the documents, the difference in the drafts of the story are ‘trivial’ and "won’t affect the case." 

No grand jury this week, no press conference, and no surprise.  If I was Fitzgerald I sure wouldn’t mire myself in Rove until I’d settled as many of the Libby discovery issues as possible — dealing with the two cases at once just seems like an unnecessary complication to an already complicated situation.  Fine by me.

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