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Hartline plans to "Shake the Nation"

Our friendly West Coast bible-beating “former homosexual” stays busy, doesn’t he?

James Hartline, a Christian activist in California, is pointing fellow believers to an event taking place this Saturday in San Diego that he says will help equip them to fight in the culture war. He says the “Shake the Nation Conference” will feature speakers from all facets of life, sharing their experiences dealing with opposition to Christianity in society.

Hartline says many Christians today are seeing their free-speech rights violated on a regular basis, even as some of the Shake the Nation Conference presenters have. “We have been very diligent to bring together speakers on every area that we feel we are having a problem with in the culture,” he says.

…The conference will also feature workshops on the benefits of home schooling and on being a Christian teacher in a public school and ministering in that workplace. Others workshops will touch on believers running for public office and doing pro-life activism.

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