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Canada's Harper puts the gag on wingnuts over Mountie marriage

Unlike Dear Leader, Canada’s Prime Minister knows the fringe in his party will bleat uncontrollably about the homos, so he sent out a message not to comment about the recent news that two gay RCMP constables are getting married. Message control and discipline at that level doesn’t exist here – thankfully.

The Prime Minister’s Office has warned Conservative MPs not to comment on the marriage next month of two gay RCMP constables. The gag order went to all MPs but was aimed at “the small minority who might say something stupid,” said one caucus member.

…Sandra Buckler, Harper’s director of communications, was not available for comment Thursday. But several Conservative MPs quietly confirmed they had received the PMO gag order after the story of the Mountie wedding received widespread media coverage last week.

Opposition MPs said the gag order is telling. “It shows that Stephen Harper does not trust his own caucus to avoid social Neanderthalism on these issues,” said Liberal MP Scott Brison.

“And if he doesn’t trust his caucus to be socially progressive, then why should Canadians trust his party to be socially progressive?”

…Ian Brodie, Harper’s chief of staff, has warned cabinet ministers that if they stray off message they face an escalating scale of sanctions, ranging from public humiliation to removal from cabinet. Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and Industry Minister Maxime Bernier have already felt the sting.

Of course, reading this article you get the impression that Harper is a Bush-in-training in terms of megalomania.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding