Payoff for panty-sniffers

You have done well. Here is a judgeship.
No. I don’t want to shake your hand

Courtesy of Pajamaline, a list of those who made their bones by sniffing around Bill Clinton’s bone:

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a top aide to Kenneth Starr during his time as the Independent Counsel in the Clinton investigations, led me to come up with a partial list of alumni of that office and the public service jobs they hold or have held since:

Brett Kavanaugh — DC Circuit judge and Staff Secretary to the President;

Steve Colloton — US Attorney in Iowa; 8th Circuit judge

Amy St. Eve — federal district judge, N.D. Ill.

Rod Rosenstein — Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division, then US Attorney, D. Md.

Karen Immergut — US Attorney, D. Oregon

John Bates — federal district judge, D.D.C.

Bill Duffey — US attorney for the N.D. Ga.; federal district judge, N.D. Ga.

Kevin Martin — Commissioner, then Chairman — FCC

Bill Kelly — Deputy White House Counsel

Eric Dreiband — General Counsel of the EEOC

Julie Myers — Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Chief of Staff, Criminal Division, US DOJ; Assistant Secretary of Commerce; Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.

Other alums have gone on to become partners at top law firms, law professors, or high ranking corporate counsel.

All of them graduated summa cum blue dress

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