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The 'ex-gay' for pay PR machine

Daniel Gonzales of Exgay Watch discusses the not-so-surprising fact that “former homosexuals” touted by the movement as successes of conversion therapy are, without fail, professional ex-gays — working for them.

In the video “It’s Not Gay”, out of nine former homos interviewed, all of them are being paid to proclaim their heterosexuality by one of the ex-gay organizations or ministries. XGW has screen captures of the usual suspects, including our friend Richard Cohen, the unlicensed, discredited therapist and president of PFOX who made a splash with a demonstration of his “touch therapy” on the Paula Zahn program the other night.

Why can’t they ever find an average Jane or Joe who has successfully graduated from their “programs” to put on their promotional videos?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding