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Mark your calendars for 'Marriage Protection Sunday'

“We just don’t see anything in American life at this point that has greater implications for our culture than the same-sex marriage issue. Just about every area of life will be impacted if same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land.”

— Barrett Duke, the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s vice president for public policy and research

Soldiers and civilians are dying every day in Iraq, the levels of corruption in government are out of control, our rights are being trampled by Dear Leader and the bible beaters are in a panic over same sex-marriage.

It looks like the Southern Baptists will be in rare form on Sunday, June 4…

“Supporters of traditional marriage need to bombard their senators’ offices with e-mails and phone calls,” ERLC President Richard Land told Baptist Press, “and preachers across America need to let the pulpit ring forth in clear and no uncertain terms on Marriage Protection Sunday, June 4, and help create a groundswell of support for this amendment. I can assure you the opponents of traditional marriage are doing their best to let their voices be heard in the corridors of the Senate. It is up to us to let our voices be heard loudly as well.”

Massachusetts is the only state to have legalized “same-sex marriage,” but state supreme courts in New Jersey, New York and Washington could legitimize such unions before the end of the year.

…On its website, the ERLC includes suggestions for the activities churches might consider for June 4:
— Information on “same-sex marriage” could be distributed.
— Pastors might preach on the issue.
— Those in attendance could be encouraged to call or e-mail their senators June 5 or 6 to urge them to vote for the MPA.

…”We certainly don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t have more votes this time than last time,” he said. “The Senate is decidedly more conservative, certainly more Republican, than it was the last time. We believe that if enough senators hear from their constituents, the MPA can be passed. It’s obvious that a significant majority of Americans throughout the country do not want same-sex marriage. If that significant majority will communicate their convictions to their senators, the amendment should be passed.”

Southern Baptists and others may contact senators by calling the Capitol switchboard, (202) 224-3121, and asking for their offices. E-mails may be sent through a link on the ERLC’s website,, or the Senate’s Internet site,

I took a little surf over to Richard Land’s faith and family site, and you know what? I found out a lot of really good information (ahem) about the homosexual lifestyle in the FAQ section: HOMOSEXUALITY: YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. He’s answered everything that you’ve needed to know with (junk) science, dear readers.

First and foremost, a homosexual person simply does not exist. Homosexuality should be considered as an adjective-a behavior-and not as a noun or label defining a person. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, one of the foremost experts on the causes of homosexuality as a sexual disorder and founder of NARTH, National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, states, “There is no such thing as a homosexual person. We are all heterosexuals. Homosexuality is a description of a condition. It is not a description of the intrinsic nature of the person” (NARTH’s Statement of Policy). Given his statement, then, men and women who consider themselves homosexual are really intrinsically heterosexual but they have a sexual identity problem and, as a result, might engage in homosexual behavior.

…Many reputable therapists believe that while genes may be predictive of behavior, environment and choice determine behavior. Because as Paul says, “[We] were dead in trespasses and sins, …and were by nature children of wrath” (Ephesians 2:1-3), we each may have certain sins to which we are more inclined than others.

That is why the Bible is so clear that we need to be born again. Temptation will not automatically disappear when we place our trust in Christ, but we will have a new nature and a new power within to deal with the power of sin.

Those who want to insist on genetic determination are perpetuating a tragic myth and robbing those who genuinely want to turn from what they believe to be sin.

…Do you really want your children to open up the pages of The Washington Post or your local newspaper, turning to the kids’ section, and reading an article entitled “Defining Marriage,” which tells your child how “normal” it is for two people of the same sex to be married? That is what The Washington Post did in an article published just for kids. Legalizing same-sex marriage would make these events common, everyday occurrences. Is it honestly appropriate to encourage children to experiment with their “sexual identity” at such a tender age? You may not think same-sex marriage will affect you, but you are wrong. It will affect you, and most importantly it will affect children. We have no right to experiment with their destiny.

It goes on and on, but you get the idea.

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