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Lou Dobbs “Explains” Why He Uses Bigots As Sources


I guess even Lou Dobbs has limits.  After doing his level best to legitimize the Aztlan myth propagated by Malkin and the rest of the bigotsphere sourced by (what else) bigots, Lou had to backtrack.  Says Greg Sargent:

The whole fracas got started when blogs called Liberal Oasis and The Great Society noticed that CNN’s report included a map which it attributed to the Council of Conservative Citizens. The CCC is a group that’s been described by the Anti-Defamation League and many other sources as a white supremacist group formed to succeed the segregationist white Citizens’ Councils of the 1960s. Trent Lott took a bunch of heat for speaking before them a few years back, you may recall.

Dobbs stopped short of apologizing (what — and lose half his audience?)  but issued this "explanation":

A freelance field producer in Los Angeles searched the web for Aztlan maps and grabbed the Council of Conservative Citizens map without knowing the nature of the organization. The graphic was a late inclusion in the script and, regrettably, was missed in the vetting process.

Congratulations to Bill Sher and our own Matt O. for backing Lou down from legitimizing this kind of crap.  Lord knows enough eliminationinst rhetoric has made its way into the mainstream via people like Ole 60 Grit O’Beirne and Rockin’ Ramesh "Toga Party of Death" Ponnuru, it’s damned important to beat it back whenever possible. 

I mean really, Lou.  The "CCC."  Three letters, all the same, right in a row — remind you of anything?  You don’t exactly have to be a member of the fever swamp to connect the dots on that one. 

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