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Shakes Sis’s favorite political sex god (known as the Tyrannosaurus of Turpitude) U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) is demanding a “full retraction” from ABC for reporting that he was under investigation for ties to the Abramoff corruption scandal. ABC’s not budging. (CNN):

The report Wednesday night prompted the Justice Department to take the highly unusual step of denying on the record that the Illinois Republican is the subject of a probe.

…The network said law enforcement sources told ABC that the Justice Department denial meant only that the speaker was not a formal “target” or “subject” of the probe, not that he wasn’t under investigation.

…ABC News, citing “high-level official sources,” reported that the FBI is investigating a letter Hastert wrote three years ago urging then-Interior Secretary Gale Norton to block an Indian casino that would have competed with casinos operated by other tribes, which were represented by Abramoff.

Hastert’s letter, the details of which were widely reported during news coverage of the Abramoff case, was written shortly after a fund-raiser for the speaker was held at the lobbyist’s Washington restaurant, where Abramoff and his clients made contributions to Hastert

Think Progress has the details on the Hastert ties. His passionate defense of $90K-in-the-freezer Dem congressman now makes sense, of course. He doesn’t want any FBI agents barging into his offices, poking around. They might find something.

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