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You used the “S” word

I’ve been tied up elsewhere but I did want to note that, when reading this article, I had a hard time focusing after the mention of Bill Frist using a blowdryer. Oh sure, talking about gorilla musk opens up many avenues of thought, but I guess I was surprised to find out that there will still men who use blowdryers just at a time when I thought we had hunted the last Member’s Only jacket to extinction.

Secondly I would like to suggest that anyone who, in any public setting, uses the term “soul” or “soul patrol” in reference to that…thing called Taylor Hicks, be taken out an executed in the street. Wilson Pickett: soul singer. Solomon Burke: soul singer. Sam Cooke, James Brown, Al Green: all soul singers.

Taylor Hicks?: Karaoke Goober

I say that we start hunting these people down.

Do it for the children.

(Added) One more reason to hate America.

(Added…again) If anyone is interested, Ifuckinghatetaylorhicks.com is still available. You can thank me later.

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