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Elastic parenthood

Penis-possessing head of Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute, Bob Knight, spews fresh bile, this time fixating on lesbians and adoption. This is a change for Bob, who normally focuses like a laser beam on man-on-man action.

A pro-family leader is lamenting a U.S. Supreme Court decision this week to decline hearing an appeal in a custody battle between two lesbians. The high court’s refusal to comment on the case lets stand a lower-court ruling that redefined what a “parent” is.

Culture and Family Institute director Bob Knight says the Supreme Court has blown another one. “This is actually a boost for lesbian adoption because the Supreme Court, by not taking up the case, is leaving intact an earlier ruling that paves the way for ‘psychological parenting,'” says Knight. “That is the idea that you don’t have to be related to the child; you don’t have to be related biologically or legally — and if the court decides you’re a parent, you’re a parent.”

Knight had hoped the court would uphold traditional family law, under which America has existed since its inception. “Children fair best in arrangements like this, and that supports the mother-and-father, married family,” he says. “By opening up to the idea that the court can determine who’s a parent and who’s not, they’ve made it an elastic definition of parenthood — and that will only benefit the homosexual activists.” Now, he says, it is the courts that will decide the definition of a “parent.”

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