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Crashing the Gates of Congress — And Action Request for Everyone


Some of our Roots Project members crashed the gates of Congress yesterday — delivering a copy of Markos and Jerome’s Crashing the Gate to every Democratic member of the House and the Senate.  Amazing work — all conceived and executed by a handful of Roots Project members.  Now THIS is what Citizen Action looks like!

And the best part of this is that PoliticsTV agreed to go along — and we have video for everyone who couldn’t be there!  You can watch the video here.  (UPDATE:  PoliticsTV has also put the video up as an embedded YouTube here.)

I cannot say enough how proud we are of everyone involved in this! 

But we aren’t done with this project just yet.    Even if you couldn’t be there to hand out books yesterday, we’ve got a job for you today.  Please take a little time and call your Senators and your member of the House of Representatives and let them know that the copy of Crashing the Gate was from you and several thousand of your friends.  We’d like calls from everyone — all over the country — to follow-up with the deliveries yesterday — so they understand that this isn’t just a book they can put on a shelf somewhere, but that we hope that they will read it and start a dialogue with all of us. 

You can call toll free to the Capitol switchboard at 1-888-355-3588, and they will connect you with your Senators and your Congressperson.  This is a great way to be certain that your representatives remember that they work for us.

Philo has done a diary on DKos about the whole experience — please go over and recommend it — it really shows the enthusiam of the folks involved in this operation:

…Last night a handful of volunteers met at PoliticsTV’s office to insert personalized bookplates into every copy of the book and then sorted them by building, floor, and room number, a critical step that allowed us to complete all of our work today. I left New York City with three other Roots Project volunteers, including organizer Jay Ackroyd, from Penn Station at 5:30 am and arrived in Washington at around 9 am. We headed over to the PoliticsTV office and met up with David Grossman, producer and cameraman extraordinaire, who had already loaded all 249 copies of the book into his car. We then proceeded to the Capitol South Metro stop, where we met up with the DC/MD/VA area volunteers. Again, I don’t think this action would have succeeded if we didn’t have eight local volunteers handing out books with us; we had expected a smaller DC area showing….

There is so much more in the diary, and I want everyone to go over and read the whole thing, so I’m not going to excerpt huge bits here.  But I will include a few more pics that Philo sent along of the bookplate portion of the evening.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have names to go with Roots members in the photos — if someone can send those along, I’d love to say which FDL-ers are involved in this.)


After the bookplates have been affixed — there’s a moment of triumph for the group.  Well done, indeed!

And a HUGE thanks to Dave for coming through on photo names for me.  Here they are, from l to r:  Edrie (who, I am told, was instrumental to the bookplate success and in schooling everyone on Capitol Hill ettiquette — yay, Edrie!); Jeff; Clarke (in back); David Grossman of PoliticsTV; and Dave (grrtigger on DKos).  I’ll say it again, you guys rock! 


Affixing bookplates and adding a personal note.


All organized and ready to go for the next day.  What a huge amount of work — all done by volunteers, by citizens who thought it was important enough to say to their elected officials that every citizen has a voice and deserves a hearing.  Wow, really, well done you guys!

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