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Two From CIA Said To Testify Libby’s Lying


According to the NYDailyNews, two high ranking CIA officers will be testifying against Scooter Libby at trial.  Both will testify that Libby spoke with them about Valerie Plame Wilson, her role in the agency, and other matters pertaining to the CIA leak case.

The U.S. alleges he learned about Plame from one of the CIA officials when he went after dirt on her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Wilson shattered a pillar of President Bush’s rationale for war – that Iraq was seeking to build a nuclear weapon.

Both CIA officials – including a top architect of the 2003 Iraq invasion – discussed Plame with Libby a month before columnist Robert Novak blew her cover in July 2003, prosecutors charge.

Libby has said journalists told him about Plame – not Cheney or the six witnesses named so far by prosecutors.

Until recently, the CIA officials’ identities were kept secret by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who did not name them in Libby’s October indictment.

But subsequent documents allege Libby asked top CIA official Robert Grenier on June 11 why the agency sent Wilson to Niger to see if Iraq tried to buy uranium. Grenier replied that Plame was an agent and "believed responsible" for arranging her husband’s trip.

The other official was Craig Schmall, a CIA briefer whom Libby complained to about the Wilson trip on June 14, court files allege.  (emphasis mine)

Interesting stuff. The article says that reporters learned this from "subsequent documents" and I’ll be attempting to get my hands on those today as I get time to do so. I didn’t seen any new filings with this information in it yesterday, but that doesn’t rule out a late night filing yesterday evening or something today — or that I’ve missed something along the line. (If any reader does have them already and could send them along, I’d love it. ReddHedd AT aol DOT com)

This pretty much puts a damper on the whole "I heard it from a reporter" hogwash — let alone the "my memory has a lot of holes in it, because this was not an issue that was important to me" malarky.  One wonders what the next morphing of the Libby defense will be — because two separate witnesses with whom Libby spoke about putting the screws to Joe Wilson, including finding out dirt on Wilson’s wife, makes the whole "tangential issue" argument look silly and disengenuous.  Two words that you never want associated with your defense tactics in front of a jury, I can tell you that, especially when imprisonment is on the line.

Hmmm…"not Cheney or the six witnesses named so far."  Now that’s a teaser line if I ever heard one.  Anyone else hoping there are more shoes to drop?

I covered issues surrounding high level clearance and the SF-312 a while ago, but I wanted to ask this again:  what was this Administration, and in particular Scooter Libby and Karl Rove and who knows who else, doing playing so fast and loose with secrets for which they had no valid "need to know" basis?  And why is it again that Karl Rove maintains his job with a full security clearance to this day?  Any other person on the planet would have already had it yanked months and months ago.

Now there’s a question for Tony Snow today.  Any takers?

(Hat tip to readers Frank Probst and al-Scooter for the heads up on the article.)

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